Meeting the Global Demand for Mass Fever Screening System

In view of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the global demand for our Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System, we have suspended the production of our night vision cameras, channelling our resources onto the Sentry MK4 – MFSS. Our manufacturing team has been working extra hours since the start of the pandemic to ensure timely delivery worldwide. The Sentry MK4 is the result of our almost 20 years experience with public Mass Fever Screening. We are confident our product can make a difference in the global fight against COVID-19.

In the past few weeks, our Sentry MK4 – MFSS has been delivered and deployed on a daily basis and we are working hard to meet market demands. As a responsible company, we pledge not to raise prices for our MFSS during this unfortunate period.

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