shipping port

Improving fleet management

Enhanced surveillance system specifically designed for maritime applications


Argus Seacam

Marine-grade CCTV video camera.

Argus CCTV Camera

Argus NVL

A pioneering marine network video logger.

NVL left

A robust CCTV solution for shipboard surveillance

The Argus IP video surveillance system is an enhanced networked camera and data logging system specifically designed for maritime applications. Its compact but rugged hardware design and innovative software features will significantly enhance any vessel’s operational safety and security.

Argus System

Expand your operational capabilities

Integrating IP cameras, including the Ulysses series with the Argus NVL, will further expand your operational capabilities.

Ulysess marine night vision system thermal camera


Ultra performance multi-sensor marine thermal camera

The next generation Ulysses packs quality into a rugged marine grade platform with gyro-stabilization and best-in-class optical sensors for clear sightings and uninterrupted target tracking, making it indispensable for operators needing performance at mission-critical moments.