How Omnisense Systems Plans To Revolutionize the Market

Omnisense Systems is pleased to introduce to the U.S. market two additional high-performance thermal camera systems. The new Ulysses ‘micro-S’ and ‘micro-S+’ provide unparalleled performance and features in a highly compact footprint and size. The Ulysses ‘micro’ works with all major MFD’s available today, giving boat owners superior image quality, clarity, and ease of installation. […]

Omnisense Systems Is Represented on the Board of the National Marine Electronics Industry.

The NMEA is the industry’s leading voice in marine electronics standards. Since 1957, its mission is to be a worldwide, self-sustaining organization committed to enhancing the technology and safety of electronics used in marine applications. By providing a responsive organizational structure, they are the glue that networks the industry. Johnny Lindstrom- Omnisense Systems USA Inc. […]

Presenting the Rapid Human Temperature Screening System

Recently, we have refined our marketing language for the Sentry MK4 to be in line with the United States Food and Drug Administration. We applaud the FDA’s efforts to reduce potential misrepresentations of such technology and improper use of devices. In the U.S. the Sentry MK4 will be marketed as: Rapid Human Temperature Screening System.

Omnisense Systems appoints Invisible Health Technologies (IHT) as USA Authorized Value-Added Reseller of Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System