Introducing the New Ulysses Micro C @ IBEX 2023!

The all-new Ulysses Micro C is Omnisense Systems’ first dedicated low-light camera product. Developed on the proven Ulysses Micro platform, it features an ultra-sensitive low-light imaging sensor, streaming sharp and clear HD video in all lighting conditions. Excellent addition to any boaters wanting to extend their time out at sea. Visit us at Booth 1-415 […]

Omnisense Ulysses Micro meets the FLIR M232, thermal cameras compared

BY BEN STEIN · PUBLISHED MARCH 8, 2022 · UPDATED MARCH 8, 2022 Panbo(at) looks a little silly with both cameras mounted high on the t-top rail When you think of a thermal night vision camera you might not think of Omnisense, but you probably do think of FLIR. Omnisense hopes to change that with […]

First Impression of the Ulysses Micro With today announced that the “Omnisense Ulysses Micro Thermal Camera Testing is Underway” (Stein/Panbo, 2022). Although the testing is not yet complete, this long-anticipated evaluation by the respected media group has so far provided good feedback. The website posted a teaser article today that positively mentions the simple installation and image clarity and contrast. Yma […]

Ulysses Featured on Jay Leno’s Garage!

Watch the Ulysses micro in a recent Youtube and CNBC episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage! Jay Leno showcases a 2021 Apocalypse Hellfire 6×6 from Apocalypse Manufacturing. In the Youtube edition, The owner of Apocalypse, Joesph Ghattas, accompanies Leno to discuss the features of this uniquely modified Jeep Gladiator. He goes on to say, “there are […]

The Conclusion of a Great Show 2021

Overall there was a good turnout at the Palm Beach International Boat Show and piqued interest in our Ulysses micro. Show-goers were amazed with the micro’s radar response and clear picture. Two Ulysses micros were operating at the Navico booth with Simrad and Lowrance MFDs. At the Marine Electronics Solutions tent, a micro integrated beautifully […]

UNICEF funded Hyderabad International Airport to deploy the Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in coordination with Asian Development Bank and funded by the UNICEF, has provided the Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) with the Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System. Hyderabad International Airport is the first in India to deploy the mass fever screening system to further enhance […]

Lax Launches Airport Terminal Wellness Pilot Project with Thermal Camera Temperature Checks

(Los Angeles, CA) Mayor Eric Garcetti today joined Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) leadership to launch the Terminal Wellness Project deploying thermal camera technology that can help identify travelers with an elevated body temperature –– the latest measure in the city’s continuing response to the COVID-19 health crisis. “A world-class airport isn’t defined just by our […]

Meeting the Global Demand for Mass Fever Screening System

In view of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the global demand for our Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System, we have suspended the production of our night vision cameras, channelling our resources onto the Sentry MK4 – MFSS. Our manufacturing team has been working extra hours since the start of the pandemic to […]