Build upon the success of our Sentry MK-II developed back in 2009.  The Sentry MK-III has since revolutionised how mass fever screening are being performed.  Our systems are deployed in virtually all local government hospitals, airports and seaports. They are also deployed in key government installations, places of entertainment and commercial/industrial buildings.

Recently, our Sentry MK-III was featured on local media when Singapore Changi Airport started temperature screening operations with our system. Temperature checks are currently being performed on all passengers arriving from Middle Eastern countries affected by the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

Sentry MK-III on front page of ‘TODAY’ newspaper, 19th May 2014

System in operation was also featured on the 2nd page of “The Straits Times”, 19th May 2014

Screening action was also on prime time news on TV and news websites.

Since 2011, our Sentry MKIII has proven to perform in operating conditions previously thought not possible.  The system’s flexibility in deployment, ease of use and unmatched operational reliability set us apart from competition.  Do contact us to find out how our system could possibly contribute to your organisation’s first line of defences against flu epidemic/pandemic.