Ulysses II

Day / Night Area Surveillance System

The new Ulysses II is a versatile multi-sensor thermal imaging system for shipboard deployment. Packaged within a rugged and compact gyro-stabilise* platform, the Ulysses II not only delivers high resolution and crisp visual capability in all lighting conditions, but also brings the essential element of crew situational awareness. The Ulysses II comes in several configurations to meet different user demands and may carry multiple payloads simultaneously.

Marine Based Applications

  • Coastal and river surveillance
  • Special boat operations
  • Night navigation
  • Force protection
  • Law enforcement
  • Unmanned surface vessels
  • Collision avoidance
  • Search & rescue

Key Features

  • Uncooled thermal imager for excellent night vision capability
  • Day / low light CCD camera with powerful optical zoom*
  • Active 2-axis gyro stabilised*
  • Advance video tracker*
  • Rugged / weather proof construction
  • Export license free