Sentry MKIII

Fever screening re-invented!

Moving beyond first-generation thermal scanners, the SENTRY MKIII is the most advanced health monitoring solution currently available. Highly automated, the SENTRY MKIII actively identifies and tracks feverish persons in fast-moving crowds. Installed like a CCTV to provide immediate services at the flick of a switch or mounted on a wheeled pedestal for maximum mobility, the SENTRY MKIII insures the quickest and most cost-effective response in any outbreak.

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Key Benefits

  • Highly Automated & Minimal Human Involvement
  • “Hot Human” Autotracking with Intelligent Alarm System
  • Capable of Mass Screening & Human Safe
  • Discrete & Non-invasive

Pandemic: Be Prepared

At the forefront of pandemic defense, the SENTRY MKIII Mass Fever Screening System stands guard against infectious diseases and viruses. Already deployed in commercial buildings, industrial plants, airports, hospitals, banks and other critical facilities, the SENTRY MK-III is an essential security solution for any modern organization seeking to safeguard human assets and sustain business operations during a pandemic outbreak.